Father Stabbingston Justice , A man of faith and Flame.

My campaigns keep going even when the players are not playing. My players may post replies in here and I will edit this page to reflect the current happenings in the world. Please do not flood me with replies make a post and wait your turn msg me if you want an expedious update.

                                                              /  .  \
                                                             |\_/|   |
                                                             |   |  /|
  .----------------------------------------------------------------' |
 /  .-.                                                              |
|  /   \          Chinchilla Armada vs. Pirate Horde                 |
| |\_.  |         Booze-Bred Inquisition                             |
|\|  | /|         Peaceful relations with the sandslingers           |
| `---' |         Ward safely locked in a gem inside a tower         |
|       |                                                            | *
|       |                                                           /
|       |----------------------------------------------------------'
\       |
 \     /

2 thoughts on “MUD

  1. The Story of …

    The Paladin was traversing the local dives in an attempt to find volunteers to help aid him on his righteous quest. By Heroneous he would find suitable candidates. Suitable as it would seem meant any willing body, the problem is that all the bodys simply weren’t willing. So in Desperation the paladin jumped on the acceptance of 2 dread pirates and a mercenary as members of his godly war-band. They were doing gods work … the paladin wasn’t quite sure what that intended yet but it would soon be clear it intended retrieving the Dukes signet ring after cleaning the milk out of his armor … the duke has odd ideas of security. Luckily the mercenary Skinner is more than willing to aid me in doffing my armor, he is such a nice man… so friendly.

    Sadly it appears a curse has befallen a local town woman causing her to burst into flames randomly…

    The pirates are very liberal with their borrowing … I’m not quite sure they asked for these horses. I’m sure we will return them before the marrow.

    I think we may be lost along these waterways.

    There is a cavern the blue-green skinned man just jumped in with a rope around his waist…

    So there are lots of broken boats down this underground waterfall…

    I think Ill detect … UNDEAD !

    The two pirates just began hurling fireballs into the darkness while holding a conversation that essentially equated to kill it with fire lots of lots of fire…

    A skeleton Survived that onslaught … Ill kill it… My shield is lost to the inky darkness of the void… Sigh

    Time to go look for it.

    I found it after climbing the mound of corpses and dislodging it from a skull…

    We trudge through the underground stream … we find another waterfall … this one is in a cove with houses built into the mountain side.

    Inexplicably we return to town after traveling this far.

    Seems the captain knew by the stars how to get to the waterfall cove.

    We dropped anchor and slept outside the cove … First time I slept in a hammock over a cannon. The one pirate tied himself off to the ship and dove overboard after wishing us good night.

    I awoke to the smell of grilled reef shark and to Skinner attempting to gather warmth from my body…I do not understand why he sleeps naked.

    The man overboard had a reef shark strung up on the main mast and was grilling it “by hand” … with a fireball in his palm.
    He says he caught it sneaking up on him while he was sleeping…
    He tossed the carcass bellow decks after breakfast by order of the captain … “Waste not Want not … I guess”

    The Pirate with dreads has a Crab that lives in his hair and only me and the Skinner acknowledge its presence… The captain says we have been drinking too much sea water.

    I fell in the water getting out of the boat…

    We killed two half-lings they seemed to be fiendish … until we killed them… they were thieves tho … so its OK ?

    Captain killed a few rats. He was attacked by a cat… The cat lives.

    Illusionary ghosts the captain sees through them.

    A bridge traversing the waterfall … It appears to be protected by Will-o-Wisps … The lights go out I’m entangled and cant get free our captain is shot by a crossbow. We hear laughing.

    Found a Rat Hiding in a latrine … luckily it didn’t catch me with my pants down.

    I made a testament to our sure victory and boomed my voice down a stairwell.

    The party did not seem to be as enthused with my shouting.

    There is another half-ling guarding a trapped treasure chest and a table with treasure maps …

    Time to make amends for my earlier deeds… we shall spare him … He almost died … but I healed him. He was a worshiper of a god of my pantheon. I let him keep his weapons. Skinner destroyed the mans pants for some reason. He attacked the Captain with his dagger and the captain lit him on fire but I healed him again.

    The chest had a vial of acid dangling above it on a string tied off to the lock … also some other device built into the wall that my paladin trap knowledging skills were lacking in.

    I got boots that squish when I walk and a healing wand.
    The captain has an abyssal sword forged by Succubi and a holy flag
    the druid got a new sword and some wooden cuffs.
    Skinner got a quiver and a black mask.

    We enter a cave mouth and a deep resonating echoes GET OUT greets us. So naturally I prevail in the face of danger. I accuse the booming voice of being Fijehl Shnipft The Devourer. He Politely explains that that is not his name nor title … he is The Clean.

    Mr Clean appear to be a giant aqua based dragon guarding a clutch of shiny gemstones. He tells us to kill The devourer and he wont kill us.

    We proceed through his lair unmolested.

    We enter the hollow of the waterfall and Fiz Shnip cackles madly and grows to a hulking 4 times his size … tho he started out gnome size … The captain tells us to not be drinking the sea water and it was all an illusion he is still a tiny gnome in a cloak.

    He gets hit with arrows and fire and heals himself then turns into a wolf. I get chewed on a bit and he almost dies and he surrenders but the captain told me he was lying so I went to end him and he shouted treachery and exploded in a thunderous boom It went black and I awoke to Skinner “baby birding” a good berry into my mouth with his tongue entwined around mine and him telling me he saved my life. I guess I’m grateful. Me and the Druid Pirate are wet.

    The captain kicks the head of Fiz into the waterfall and off it goes.

    We return to port … Successful ?


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